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Dumb Broad at Payless ShoeSource

Salesgirl:(speaking while fixing her hair in the mirror) Hi! How are you guys doing? Do you know about our promo today? (pauses to concentrate on fluffing her hair)
Me:Cool, what promo?
Salesgirl:(still fluffing) ...Oh, uh...Hold on, what was I gonna say? (still fluffing)
Salesgirl:Shit, I completely forgot what I was gonna say. (still fluffing) I think I'll need to come back. (starts walking away)
Me:Yeah, why don't you go fix you hair and compose yourself while you're at it? (I was smiling when I said this, but yeah, it was definitely snotty. But dude, I just cannot stand people that don't take their job seriously. If you have a job, no matter how unimportant you may think it is, work hard. Do your homework. Don't be a dumbass.)
— 2 years ago

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